Laurine Cecil Anderson (1853 - 1938)
Born the son of slave parents in Tennessee, Laurine Cecil Anderson attended public schools in Memphis and college at Fisk University in Nashville. He came to Texas in 1880 to accept a position as principal of a training school in Breham. He married Lizzie Pollard in 1882, and they had four children. After her death, he married Fanny Pollard, and they had one child.

In 1884, Governor Oran M. Roberts appointed Anderson Principal of Prairie View Normal and Industrial College, now Prairie View A&M University. When the Colored Teachers State Association was formed in Prairie View in 1885, he was elected its President and served until 1889.

In 1896, Anderson resigned his position at Prairie View to become Principal of Austin's Robertson Hill High School, which was renamed E.H. Anderson in 1909 in honor of L.C. Anderson's brother, also an educator. The school was, at the time, the only high school for Blacks in the city, and L.A. Anderson served as its principal for thirty-two years.

L.C. Anderson died January 8, 1938, and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery. Two days after his death, the Austin School Board voted unanimously to rename Anderson High School in his honor.

Greetings Fellow Yellow Jackets

I greet you on behalf of the members of the O.L.C.A.A.A. Executive Committee. We have been working on your behalf all this year to plan the most exciting "All School Reunion" the Yellowjackets have ever had. The "All School Reunion" will be held July 16,17,18,19, 2015. Our Reunion Theme is: Yellow Jacket's Legacy - Past, Present and Future.

I am excited and honored to serve as your National O.L.C.A.A.A. Executive Committee Chairman. As I promised when you elected me in 2009, I will make sure we have a transparent organization and you are aware how every dollar you invest in this organization is spent.

As you can see, we have planned a full schedule of events for your enjoyment. What better way to connect with your classmates, family and friends than to participate in our "All School Reunion" which will commemorate 104 years since the birth of the original L.C. Anderson High School.

I encourage you to participate in this galaxy of fun and fellowship we have prepared for you during our upcoming reunion. You have one full year of advance notice, so there are no excuses for not joining us July 16, 2015 for four days of celebrating Yellow Jacket Unity - Past, Present and Future! Don't forget, 2015 is an election year! The current Executive Committee has served for six (6) years, and elections will take place at the 2015 reunion. With this in mind, make sure to pay your dues so you can vote!

I look forward to seeing you July 16 - 19, 2015 in Austin!

Warm Regards,

Raymond Whitley Jr.

O.L.C.A.A.A. Executive Committee

ALL REUNION EVENTS (Proccessing Fees Included)

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